time traveller and napoleon

 Hello! I am math teacher  and ,actually I am writing books that help me to share my teachings: math + art + Science and history

It is a way to demystify those subjects
Mathematics is always present in the solution of enigmas, tactics and decision making in epic battles and during the investigation of a mystery.
I d like to invite you to read some page:

CAIUS ZIP, The Time Traveller, IN:
How some mathematical calculations can be crucial
for taking strategic decisions in this battle of empires


After the story, in a very original manner, Napoleon tells us his memories of that time.



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I was surfing around lj and wondered if anyone had set up a TeenSRC community. I was surprised to see that one was set up. Figured I should join and introduce myself.

I am the new Project Coordinator for the program. There will definitely be tons of new features coming up on the website this year. Sorry the forums had to go down but they will be back up in the Summer and will be more tied in with the site (and therefore better).

I will try to keep you all posted with new info about the program once we get closer to the launch date!
worn out


Hey holidaygirl,

Thank for your participation in the TeenSRC Forum. Unfortunately, we need to shut down the forum for maintenance and improvements until the program starts up again next summer. We would love to see you back, so check in next June when the website and forum will be new and improved! If you have any questions or comments please let us know by dropping a line at

Keep Reading!

Teen SRC Team.

But in the meanwhile... feel free to check out 

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By and By

Well, since I have nothing better to do! I'm gonna bug you all!
Aren't you excited?

Well, I'm feeling really bad that I keep missing everyones 1 year birthdays! 
For those of you who haven't been around for a year yet, well then I'm pretty sure you've been around for a month! 

Yup, thats right the summer is almost half over!

It's kinda sad, but theres no worry. They wont really shut us down ever, especially if we are as active and as busy as we like to be!

Especially know that the wonderful - insert name of what it used to be called last year because currently I totally can't remember what it was called - is now back but under the lovely name of Dan Brown up with our lovely Loki, Readergirl, ~Rebecca~, Drizzt, alexrose, and many others. It's amazing how many time they go around in circles. You notice how this year its much more religious. Last years it was more... eveloutionary??? I kinda liked last years better, just a personal opinion. I guess its because its too religious this year, having centered around Dan Brown.

Hm.... what else...

Where has our dear Webbratz gone?

And According to Readergirl, Baha is supposed to be coming back from where ever she is! ... alexrose... lets see how this goes, eh?
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So did you see, Charmaine is back?
Still trying to persuade Pingaling to come back. At least say hello!

Was anybody getting Sonya to put up the "Ultimate Vote" poll about the hotness of Orlando Bloom in the various movies???

Anyways, as many of you know I'll be a leaving tomorrow! I'll see you in a few weeks. And I'll try my best to get a hold of you wonderfully amazing people.

Don't talk too much, please!!

AlexRose will be back Tomorrow, along with Webbratz!
of course they had to leave this weekend.

oh, and a 
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And With This We Begin Another Chapter

Hey, So I'm Holidaygirl of course. 
And I think this started because I realized the number of us who have livejournals, we might as well build a community. And whose stopping us?? 
Therefore, here we are. Feel Free to leave a comment, express something thats bugging you on Teensrc.ca or maybe rant about an amazing book or moment in your life.

And next time Summer Rolls around, we will let you know whats expected!

-- Holidaygirl --

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